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How Can I Retry a Transactions?
How Can I Retry a Transactions?
Written by Ahmad Shaker
Updated today

Retry function helps in repeating a function that might not be done due to these reasons:

  • Mobile battery died

  • Connection was lost

  • App was closed in the middle of the transaction

Retrying a function is done by passing the same transactionId of the function executed. Each function has transactionId which is unique, if the same transactionId of a transaction is passed, the transaction will not be created and the receipt will be shown to indicate that the transaction exists. If a new transactionId is sent, a new transaction will be created.

Local Server Concerns

Please note that the checking happens under these conditions:

  • Checking is happening locally, meaning, if the app is deleted, there's will no be any checking.

  • Retry should be done within 24 hours of creating a transactions, otherwise, there will be no checking.

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